Escort Cards

Escort CardsWriting this seems a little like stating the obvious but to those not in the wedding planning business it may not be. Let me state what I know to be the obvious, “put your escort cards in alphabetical order please.” Yes, I realize you organize your seating by tables, print your cards from that list and check your printed cards against your seating assignment list written by tables, but the last step in the process must be to alphabetize the cards.

Guests will spend much more time at the escort card table, thus creating a bottleneck, if they have to look through all the cards for their table assignments rather than go directly to their spot in the alphabet. Escort cards set out by table simply slow down the seating process; cards set out alphabetically move the process along much more quickly. It is such a simple thing, setting out the cards alphabetically, and it makes a huge difference in the amount of time a guest spends finding his or her table assignment.

It can also be helpful to have an alphabetical list, with guest’s names and table assignments. If a card is misplaced a friend, or your wedding planner, positioned at the escort card table, can  quickly look up the guest’s name and send them happily off to their table for dinner to enjoy your wedding reception.

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