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Wedding Venue

For Bride’s Vision’s Full Plan clients, one of the first vendors we research, visit and make a decision on, is your wedding ceremony venue. Maybe you are considering having your ceremony in your family church. Maybe you have a family church but it does not have the “look” or “feel” appropriate for your ceremony vision […]

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Wedding Photographer

Finding just the right wedding photographer can be a daunting task. You open the phone book; you Google St. Louis wedding photographers; you look at a multitude of wedding magazines; and, what will you find? You will find endless lists of photographers but, what does that tell you? What photographers shoot in the style you […]

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Wedding Florists

Weddings are inherently beautiful and, weddings with flowers are even more beautiful. At Bride’s Vision we are often asked, “Who is the best florist?” I must say I don’t really think there is ever one best of anything, but I do think there is a best for you. There are many talented florists but, who […]

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Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding can be a beautiful event; the perfect sunset, a gentle breeze and a picturesque garden are all elements of a lovely and enchanting open air ceremony. For those full-plan clients who want that, and more, we guide you through the “tricky” maze of planning an outdoor wedding. After an in-depth discussion about […]

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Emergency Kit

No matter how well planned a wedding and reception may be, little things do happen: your button pops off, your new shoes rubbed a blister on your foot, your lingerie strap is showing. The staff of Bride’s Vision is never far from our well equipped Emergency kit. Do you need a band-aid, a safety pin […]

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Escort Cards

Writing this seems a little like stating the obvious but to those not in the wedding planning business it may not be. Let me state what I know to be the obvious, “put your escort cards in alphabetical order please.” Yes, I realize you organize your seating by tables, print your cards from that list […]

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